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KingSPORT_hotel is planning to bring this luxury hotel to combined with sports fields and Pavilions.
  Pinnekel spokesperson said the 127-room project will depend on the proposed tennis courts are apporved.

Simply put: No tennis courts, no luxury hotel.

The plans call for a $35M luxury hotel with coffee shop, roof top bar and restuarant on site. "Our development will bring demand there, it will bring energy, it will help revitalize the without the tennis complex there, a luxury hotel would be very risky to develop in that area." said spokesperson for Pinnekel, llc.

Pinnekel, llc has plans to bring over $100M in private money to build tennis complex, retail, and resturants and golf experiences. 
Along side the luxury hotel, Pinnekel has already signed to to clothing stores and a Pizza place. 

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